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How to convert QuickTime to GIF

1. Please Click the button "More..." on the main interface

Step1:Convert QuickTime to GIF

2. Click "GIF" to convert dialog.

Step2:Convert QuickTime to GIF

3. Convert dialog

Step3:Convert QuickTime to GIF
Step3:Convert QuickTime to GIF
A) Help
B) Select the QuickTime file
C) Change the path of the GIF file
D) Choose the quality of the file
E) The quick mode(generally default, only change it when you can't convert the file.)
F) Convert
G) Advance setting(if you need,set detailed parameters for incisions,video,audio)
H) Register

4. Click the button ,start to convert QuickTime to GIF

Step4:Convert QuickTime to GIF
Step4:Convert QuickTime to GIF

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Q: How to input my registration code?

A: Please right click in WinMPG Video Convert, select "Register...", and input your registration information.

Q: How to convert QuickTime MOV to AVI ?

A: Please press "All to AVI" button to convert QuickTime MOV MP4 to AVI. You need install QuickTime 6.0 or later to support this.


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